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Ebolavirus disease (EVD) is a severe, often fatal illness in humans, that has occurred in numerous outbreaks. Currently no specific  treatments exists for EVD and no licensed vaccine is available. The most advanced candidate is the recombinant rVSVrG-ZEBOV-GP vaccine based on the replication-competent recombinant vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV).

The VSV-EBOPLUS collaborative research project on “Systems analysis of adult and pediatric responses to the VSV-ZEBOV Ebola vaccine” is aimed to decipher the immune and molecular signatures of adult and pediatric responses elicited by the rVSVrG-ZEBOV-GP vaccine, the only Ebola vaccine with demonstrated 100% protective efficacy in humans.

VSV-EBOPLUS will apply advanced cutting-edge technologies and systems vaccinology approaches to characterize the signatures of the responses to rVSVrG-ZEBOV-GP vaccination in clinical studies conducted in three different continents (Europe, Africa, US), in almost 1’000 adults, adolescents and children.

VSV-EBOPLUS is a public-private consortium of 11 partners from 8 different countries involving experts from academic and research institutions, clinical sites (Switzerland, Gabon, USA) and the rVSVrG-ZEBOV-GP vaccine manufacturer. The project, of the duration of 5 years, has a total budget of more than €15 million, and it is funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 (IMI 2) Joint Undertaking.

GRANT NUMBER: 116068 COORDINATOR: Sclavo Vaccines Association CALL IDENTIFIER: IMI2 – Call 8 START DATE: 01 April 2016 DURATION: 60 months ESTIMATED PROJECT COST: €15.430.660 REQUESTED EU CONTRIBUTION: €8.553.750 PARTNERS: 11 from 8 countries